• Dalek rex

    1.Julian isn't a villain doesn't look like a villain, and is even more terrifying because of such.  That kind Really AWESOME Villain i love that You could pass them on the street and never notice them, let alone suspect that they just made a few sacrifice's to their God just the other day. instead hes so obviously evil if he was to be just simply strolling around the street's people would panic and scream in fear 

    2. Julian's voice is so like hes having orgasm's all the time instead of talking. atleast Eggman actually talks instead of orgasming

    3. Julian has red and black eyes while Eggman has Sunglasses

    4. Eggman is More Subtle

    5.  Eggman is like a bomb capable of destroying a whole city inside That Cute Pink Teddy bear you love so much you j…

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