Amy Rose is Back is the 27 episode and the third episode to be aired.


When, Amy the pink girl Hedgehog is welcome back to the Knothole Village. Sonic meets Amy the brand

NEW TEAM Team Sonic from the Freedom Fighters together again.



Sonic And His Team Was Under Attacked By SWATbots And Metal Sonic They Had Help From Amy Rose They Fought Together They We're Outmached But Amy Managed To Beat Them The Other Freedom Fighters Stared At Amy as She Fighted The SWATbots The SWATbots And Metal Sonic Ran As Amy Rose Said "Yeah You Better Run". Sonic Said "Who Are You"? Amy Replied "The Name's Amy Amy Rose Nice To Meet You Brother". Sonic Gasped Then Sonic Said "Welcome To The Group Amy Girl". Sally Said "Nice To Meet You Amy So You're Sonic's Brother" And Tails Said "Gee Wiz Amy, And I'm So Glad To See Ya, Too" Amy Said "Yep" They Sang We're All Of Us Together To Form There Team Metal Sonic Showed Up With The SWATbots The Freedom Fighters Began To Fight Them Sonic Took On Metal Sonic With Tails's Help Knuckles And The Others We're Busy Fighting The SWATbots Sonic And Tails Did There Final Attack The Super Tornado Tail Triple Spin Throw Attack It Worked They Finished Off Metal Sonic He Was Weakend He Retreated To Recharge And Said "Later Maggots" Sonic And Tails Flew To Sally And Rewarded Them Gold Medals For Taking Down Metal Sonic Then Sally Went To Bed Then Amy Knuckles And The Others Went To Bed Too Metal Sonic Flew Away Saying "I'll Be Back"! Then He Laughed as The Episode Ended.




  • There Kind Of Like Power Rangers Only Animateder