Amy Rose

Full Name Amy Rose
Aliases Amy, Amy-Girl, Miss Amy and Young Sis
Species Hedgehog
Age 12
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Related To Sir Charles Hedgehog (uncle)
Sonic the Hedgehog (big bro)
Princess Sally Acorn (close friend)
Miles "Tails" Prower (little bro)
Cream the Rabbit (close friend)
Knuckles the Echidna (boyfriend/love interested)
Likes Team Sonic, Freedom Fighters, Sonic, Sally and Tails, Rotor, Bunnie, Antonie and Dulcy
Dislikes Dr. Robotnik, Snively, Metal Sonic
First Appearance Amy Rose is Back
Last Appearance The Final Battle (series finale)

Amy Rose (voiced by Hynden Walch) - Amy is the 12 year old. She is a pink girl hedgehog who believes herself to be Sonic and Tails' youngest sister. Her first appearance in the new cartoons was in Sonic Satam, introduced and kidnapped by Metal Sonic, although she was alluded to close friend "Princess Sally Acorn" in the Western game manuals, in order to tie in with the cartoon.


In Season 3 Amy Rose is Back. Amy the pink girl Hedgehog was came back at the Knothole Village to meet with Sonic, Sally, Tails and also Rotor.



  • Amy Rose is back at the Knothole Village and she meets Sonic, Sally, Tails and of course Rotor, too.


Video Character Title/Text
Sonic The Hedgehog (Satam) - Amy Rose Voice01:25

Sonic The Hedgehog (Satam) - Amy Rose Voice

Amy Rose Sonic The Hedgehog: Satam

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